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Innovation That Lifts
Versatile. Durable. Reliable.

Made Possible by the
True Innovators.


Durable technology and structure for the roughest water conditions


Always on the cutting edge of new ease-of-use features and construction technology


DuraTek always has the boatlift solution no matter the water conditions

Boat Lifts Series

The DuraTek family of floating boatlifts was developed to provide the lift market with the most versatile, durable and reliable products possible.

PWC Lifts

Experience the reliability and superior craftsmanship of our personal watercraft lifts. Perfect for protecting and storing your watercraft in any environment.

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The DuraTek Difference


DuraTek builds its boat lifts with the most discerning customer in mind. You.


Committed every day to eliminating unnecessary costs from the price you pay.


In-house manufacturing means more reliability and durability over those who use only package-purchased parts.


100% customer satisfaction - for long-term product and service quality - is our standard.


We are a team of innovators

Meet the true innovators in the boatlift industry. Their passion lies with lift technology that is easy-to-use and versatile, protecting boats in all conditions. 

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